Night, stars, sun, blue air, star, clouds,
Above – light.

Moon, earth, heaven, cloud,
Fly, wind.
High skies, dark ground,
By bright heavens, sea, rain, breeze,
Fall, bird; ocean shine.

Sight, trees, flower, horizon, dance,
Sound –  white.

Grass path, try window,
Wings, color, leaves, morning rainbow.
Sand, set, shy, space, beach,
Below, brain.
City, clear darkness, distance.

Nature reach, rise, safe, spring,
Walk, bow, calm,
Cheek colors, flowers, heat,
Mountain river, round, silent, swim…
Waves, yellow beyond, came,
Climb, course, dust,
Ears, forest, glass,
Grey hill.

Lake, park, sent short silence.
Ski, someone strange, whisper,
Blanket, bloom, bond.

I was working on an ad campaign for a client’s new building, Sky Plaza. So I consulted an online thesaurus looking for “words associated with sky”. The words on the screen sang to me.  Some line breaks and a little punctuation turned them into a poem. I didn’t change a word, or even the order they came in. Promise.