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I’m not perfect

This food history website contains material drawn from a range of sources, including other websites and real publications in real libraries. I have tried to cross-check things as much as possible to make it accurate and current as of date of publication, but I can’t guarantee that I didn’t get the odd detail wrong.

It’s really intended as a starting point for finding out more about Australian food, which is why there are a lot of links. I am not responsible for any of the content on the websites I’ve linked to, in terms of its accuracy, content, completeness, legality or reliability and (to insert a bit of heavy legalese) I disclaim any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or material on the Internet through links on this website.

I don’t suggest that you rely on this site as the basis for any academic study of Australian food, although it might give you a few handy starting points. You’ll find links to Wikipedia on this site – treat those with caution, too, as contributors to Wikipedia are anonymous and there’s no way to check their credentials.


The links from this site are for your convenience and are provided in good faith. Their inclusion on this website does not imply any waiving of copyright restrictions which may apply to the material on third party websites. Please take note of and comply with any copyright restrictions or conditions of use that appear on third party websites I’ve linked to.

I accept no responsibility for breaches of copyright which may occur as a result of users downloading material from this site or from websites accessed via links I’ve provided. If I have unwittingly breached copyright restrictions, please contact me and I will immediately remove the offending material.

Linking to this site

I am happy for you to link to this site (go ahead – and tell all your friends about it too) but please do not reproduce this material without permission. That would be a breach of my copyright.


If you email me through the contact form, I promise not to share your contact details with anyone else or to use them for any purpose other than to reply to you. And I won’t use any of the information you share with me without your permission.


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