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The Soldier's Cake Tin

Taste testing a wartime fruit cake

In 1944, The Age published a recipe for a butterless, eggless fruit cake that would fit the “soldier’s cake tin”. It used lard instead of butter and the results were…um…interesting.

Nanny's brandy cream

The essential accompaniment to Christmas pudding.

Nanny’s Christmas pudding just wouldn’t be the same without Nanny’s brandy cream. Plain whipped cream was provided for the children.

Mastering the pasty

My Cornish family tradition

Saturday mornings during my childhood saw a Cornish pasty production line, with my grandmother chopping the potatoes and the onions while she kept a sharp eye on her daughter-in-law, my mother, who was making the pastry.

A blast from the past

From missiles to microwaves

The name Raytheon is one you see every time you hop off a flight at Canberra airport. They make weapons. Very big weapons. But they also invented the microwave, which was followed in due course by some very earnest microwave cook books.

The Easter Feaster

Our family's Easter tradition

In Europe, Easter coincides with the arrival of spring, so Easter dishes typically feature spring vegetables. Here, it’s autumn. Still, we persist in alternating Greek and Italian Easter dishes, just because we can.

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