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A taste of home

From The Big Issue 2018

An overview of Australian food history, that I wrote for the food issue of The Big Issue in April 2018. From megafauna to mutton to MasterChef, Australian food has evolved for millennia. But perhaps the most dramatic change has been in the last 70 years.

Easy to get a lawn with

Where's the pun in that?

Along the roadside as you approach Bungendore is a series of signs promoting the product of one of the town’s major industries. (Perhaps its only major industry.) Canturf. First published in a book called Wizards of Oz – a directory of freelance creative people.

Mount Pleasant

In the steps of giants

This article appeared in SoVino, the in-house magazine of the Local Liquor chain. I edited the magazine for a time from 2014 to 2016. Stories included profiles of wine areas and wine-makers, other liquor-related stories, advertorials and interviews with Local Liquor store keepers.

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