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  • Australian food timeline has moved Were you expecting to see the Australian Food Timeline here? Sorry - it started to get r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w, so we've moved it to a new server and changed the address to the more logical This site is now my writing blog - enjoy. Jan No responses 14/04/2017
  • Buy my book Me and My Big Mouth is a personal account of how Australian food has changed in the baby-boomers’ lifetime. It’s the story of a generation that can remember life before pizza – a generation that has seen the demise of the local grocer and, decades later, the resurrection of the small local deli. Jan O'Connell No responses 12/02/2017
  • Ancient grapes Even the winemakers at La Gravera can’t name all the grape varieties that make up this mysterious white wine. What they can say is that the vines are more than 125 years old and that they come from a mere 0.95 hectare plot, 400 metres above sea level in northern Catalonia. Jan O'Connell No responses 15/03/2016